Help! I’ve Broken My MacBook Pro Screen

MacBook Pro screens break daily. So if it has happened to you, you’re not the only one.

Also, you are not the only person that has stated, “Apple said I need an entire new MacBook Pro screen and it will cost $1200!” Or stated, “The computer dealer I took it to said that there is no way to replace the glass only on my MacBook Pro.”

Well, we have good news for you!

Since late 2008, MacBook laptops have a piece of thin glass installed on top of the LCD screen. This glass serves two different purposes:

1. Strength – the glass helps to make your screen housing stiffer, and theoretically, stronger. But, if you are reading this article about breaking the glass on your MacBook Pro, then you might question that, yes?

2. Color – there is no doubt that the colors displayed on your screen are more vivid, brighter and richer when presented behind the glass. The fact that the glass has a mirror-like glare is another issue altogether.

Why is this good news?

It is possible to find Apple certified repair technicians who have mastered the technique of removing the glass on MacBook systems and installing a replacement glass. These technicians use factory glass replacements that look exactly like the original glass, which has your laptop looking just like it did before the glass LCD screen cover was broken.

The best part about this MacBook Pro screen repair is the cost should be only around $199, which is quite a bit better than $1200, right? Also, be sure to receive at least a free 1-year warranty as well as 1-year free telephone support for your repair.

Portable Screen House – A Necessity For Camping

If you are the kind of person who knows how to enjoy his time out of doors, then you are probably familiar with a lot different sporting goods. You already have your favorite brands picked out, and you know what kind of supplies you need to have a successful camping weekend. There are always ways to improve your camping experience, however. One way is to plan new activities. Maybe you could try a sport, like fishing, that you don’t do very often. You may also want to try hiking. If you have a family and you want to have a fun adventure together, an overnight hiking trip can be really exciting. If this sounds like a good idea to you, then you will want to make sure that you are prepared. In this case, you should look into purchasing a portable screen house.

A portable screen house offers all of the benefits of a traditional screen house and more. Basically, this product will protect you from all kinds of potential nuisances, such as bees, flies, and mosquitoes. It will also give you shelter. It doesn’t matter what the forecasts predict, you never know when a storm will pass over. A good screen house will be comfortable, spacious enough for the size of your party, and sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses. The portable model has all of these features, but you can move it with you. This means that it’s a great supply to have on a hike.

If you are thinking now of purchasing a portable screen house, then the first thing you will want to consider is what kind you need. One factor to keep in mind is how many people you will normally be camping with. If you have a family of four or more, for instance, you will want to make sure that the screen house you choose is spacious. Another option to consider might be two purchase two smaller models. This really depends on your preferences. When it comes to price, remember that a better, more resilient model might cost more up front but will last longer.

Start shopping online for your portable screen house. This is by far the best way to look at all of the different options out there. You will be able to compare prices and styles. You can also read customer reviews to know which styles are the most popular and which purposes they best serve. By doing a little online research, you can quickly find the best outdoor supplies on the market.